Who We Are?

Founded in 1996, Friends Capital is a non-banking finance company registered by the Reserve Bank of India. It undertakes micro-finance businesses and provides loans to various women-run self-help groups in rural India. To help women reach their utmost potential and to promote women equality, it is crucial to start women empowerment from the roots of the country.

Poverty is a widespread phenomenon as more than 22% of Indians are below poverty line (as of 2012). Changing regulations and new laws and practices like demonetization affect the poverty-stricken the most. It is therefore, imperative to give them a means to finance their daily lives. Micro-finance is the most influential way to give individuals from the low strata of economy, a definitive push in their lives. Once they know that their lives can get enriched, they will strive harder at smart saving money and other financial practices. At Friends Capital, we do just the same. By providing various levels of loans to the underprivileged, we make sure that we are doing our bit in making the poor self-sustainable.

We are spread over Varanasi, Jaunpur, Chandauli and Mirzapur and cater to about 8000 clients.


Friends Capital Services Ltd. is an inclusive, robust and sustainable micro finance institution promoting livelihood of the under served people of India.


FCSL is on a mission to promote livelihood of a million underserved households by 2025.